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Industrial Consulting

Due Diligence, Diversification, Strategic positioning …

Supervisory Board

Start-up, Women in the Supervisory Board, Artificial Intelligence & Psychology …

Human Resources

Dealing with Low Performers, Reduction of Absenteeism, Modernization of an Human Resources Department / HR Function …


Unique combination of expertise, experience and operational know-how

"Our claim: our technical support enables our customers to achieve their goals more efficiently, which we generate because we offer unique technical expertise and act agile, smart and pragmatic in our projects."

Sabrina Renz

Experience in Senior HR functions and as founder, Business Psychologist (M.Sc.); Diploma in Business Information Systems (BA); MBA; Doctoral program in Artificial Intelligence & Psychology; certified supervisory board member (SHB); HR Leader in agile structures and digital transformation.

Mario Busshoff

Experience as an executive and President in the printing and packaging industry and as a manager in portfolio companies; Executive MBA; Business Administration & Business Psychology (B.A.); certified Financial Modeler; Expert in Change Management, Lean Management, Six Sigma, Innovation Management, Agility and Digital Transformation.

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