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Our top topics

Dealing with Low Performers

One of the most important and sensitive topics for managers is dealing with poor performers or how to handle low performers. Below we have summarized our measures for this challenge:

  • Introduction of a toolkit for handling poor performers and implementing a performance management system
  • Consulting of the managing director, executives and managers in daily practice
  • Consistent enforcement of the process in business
  • Improvement of leadership ability
  • Training (on the job) of managers in the implementation of personnel selection procedures, critical appraisal interviews and separation talks
  • Conduct behavioral terminations

Reduction of Absenteeism

The reduction of absenteeism (sickness rate) and oficial Operational Integration Management in Germany (Betriebliches Eingliederungsmanagement – BEM) are complex challenges in companies, which we address with the following fields of action:

  • Introduction of a health management toolkit for dealing with sick employees for managers and HR business partners
  • Health prevention by introducing measures in cooperation with the company doctor
  • Trainings and Workshops on “Healthy Leadership”
  • Short-term measures to improve health and reduce absenteeism (e.g. within 6 months)
  • Reduction of absenteeism and sickness rate and in consequence dismissal of poor performers
  • Implementation of a consistent officially Operational Integration Management in Germany (BEM)
  • Development of measures for severely disabled employees in cooperation with the Integration Office of Germany and the Disabled Persons Representative
  • Carrying out personal dismissals due to illness
  • Strengthen awareness among managers
  • Introduce metrics for more transparency

Modernization of an Human Resources Department / HR Function

We have a high level of expertise in the modernization of HR departments in medium-sized companies. The following fields of action are important for efficient modernization:

  • Initiate a cultural change in HR, moving away from a administrative HR role to active consulting of managers and supporting the management in HR relevant activities
  • Demand and promotion of the team members in HR for independent and self-responsible working methods
  • Content, strategic and procedural development or actual implementation of HR Business Partner Models in practice
  • Accompaniment and initiation of a cultural change in HR Management, away from an administrative HR function to an active consulting and support of the specialized areas
  • Introduction of HR Pulschecks (information and consultation events for employees)
  • Improving HR’s personal point of contact for employees
  • HR Lean Management (Lean Management for Human Resources)
  • Human Resources Management in agile structures
  • Knwoledge transfer for keeping knowledge an experience in the company when older employees retire
  • Transfer experience out of Silicon Valley for HR Departments in Germany


Unique combination of expertise, experience and operational know-how

"Our claim: our technical support enables our customers to achieve their goals more efficiently, which we generate because we offer unique technical expertise and act agile, smart and pragmatic in our projects."

Sabrina Renz

Experience in Senior HR functions and as founder, Business Psychologist (M.Sc.); Diploma in Business Information Systems (BA); MBA; Doctoral program in Artificial Intelligence & Psychology; certified supervisory board member (SHB); HR Leader in agile structures and digital transformation.

Mario Busshoff

Experience as an executive and President in the printing and packaging industry and as a manager in portfolio companies; Executive MBA; Business Administration & Business Psychology (B.A.); certified Financial Modeler; Expert in Change Management, Lean Management, Six Sigma, Innovation Management, Agility and Digital Transformation.

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