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We have years of leadership experience and proven supervisory board-specific expertise. Furthermore, we are distinguished by a high level of expertise in topics such as change management, lean management and currently in the area of agility and digital transformation.


Control and advisory function in privately held companies or private equity


Control and advisory function in listed companies, private equity or equity investment companies


Many years of experience with proven supervisory board-specific expertise

Our top topics


We have a lot of experience in the fields of start-up and founding. One focus is often the topic of capital acquisition, for example via Business Angel or via Coworking Space in our manufactory.

Start-up challenge: Many Start-ups usually have a great idea – but often they lack of knowledge to build a business and organize themselves. Especially in the early phase, there are many areas that have little to do with the idea itself – but are nevertheless imperative to succeed.

In order to stay up-to-date, we regularly take part in relevant conferences and fairs and travel to Silicon Valley.

Solution: We have the expertise to help a start-up achieve its goals. Our expertise comes firstly from the know-how of our own foundations and secondly from our experience as a leader in larger companies. Lifelong learning helps us to develop our personality and not stand still. In addition, we have expertise in the field of work and organizational psychology, as well as financial psychology and psychology in sales and marketing. It is eminently important in the later growth phase of a Start-up to adapt the organizational form. For founders it is often very difficult to let go and delegate leadership responsibility.

Women in the Supervisory Board

Sabrina Renz has a high level of expertise in the topic of women in the Supervisory Board. Her expertise arose from her own committee experience as a member of the Board of Director in a Spanish company and as a founder of three companies. In addition, Sabrina Renz exchanges on this topic in the following networks:

  • Association of German Women Entrepreneurs (VDU)
  • Women on the supervisory boards (FidAR)
  • Junior Chambers of Industry (Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

We see diversity as an important success factor for all companies and support companies to meet the quota for all newly filled supervisory board positions in listed companies.


Artificial Intelligence & Psychology

We have a high level of expertise in artificial intelligence and psychology. Such a combination is rare and at the same time important for further development of a company. Therefore, we can use this specialist knowledge and expertise in a Supervisory Board function to successfully set up a company for the future.

Sabrina Renz has built up this rare know-how through the special combination of business informatics, human resources and psychology. But equally important is the constant development of this know-how through proactive approach, innovative approaches and lifelong learning.

In addition to this comes the innovative power of Mario Busshoff. He brings the experience of being an executive member and President in a company with 2.3 billion EUR turnover. As a head of a highly profitable division, he was able to achieve significantly above-average growth through innovative approaches in technology and sales. He describes his approach as follows:

„First and foremost, it is essential to create appropriate transparency through key figures, then to introduce the processes and to develop strategies in the team. For example, the key figure sales with products <x years, depending on market dynamics, this key figure must be different. The supervisory board must have a fault order (Reinhard Sprenger). This means that a constant questioning of the doing of a company by the supervisory board is absolutely necessary. Of course, in addition to specialist knowledge, the existing network of the Supervisory Board is always highly relevant. We both bring along a large and diversified network.“


Unique combination of expertise, experience and operational know-how

"Our claim: our technical support enables our customers to achieve their goals more efficiently, which we generate because we offer unique technical expertise and act agile, smart and pragmatic in our projects."

Sabrina Renz

Experience in Senior HR functions and as founder, Business Psychologist (M.Sc.); Diploma in Business Information Systems (BA); MBA; Doctoral program in Artificial Intelligence & Psychology; certified supervisory board member (SHB); HR Leader in agile structures and digital transformation.

Mario Busshoff

Experience as an executive and President in the printing and packaging industry and as a manager in portfolio companies; Executive MBA; Business Administration & Business Psychology (B.A.); certified Financial Modeler; Expert in Change Management, Lean Management, Six Sigma, Innovation Management, Agility and Digital Transformation.

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